Mother’s Day is only four weeks away. Are you looking for the ideal mother’s day gift? Why not give a safe child birth?
Joe Radkovic is a friend of ours who has been working as a CMS missionary in Nairobi, Kenya to establish a maternity clinic in a slum of over a million people ( Previously women would just give birth at home without professional care. Now there is a clinic inside the slum run almost exclusively by local professionals.
They keep the costs to the patient as low as possible, but even $60 is too much for many of the mothers. For $60 you can sponsor one of these mums and cover all of her costs at the clinic. And you can give your mum a ‘catch-a-baby’ card for Mother’s Day, and she will receive a photo when the baby is born. Surely that’s the ideal mother’s day gift!
Check out the ‘catch-a-baby’ card attached.
Like last year there will be Catch-a-baby cards available to ‘buy’ on the church bookstall in a couple of weeks. But I wanted to let you know now so that you can factor this into your mother’s day planning.
P.S. You can find out more about ‘catch-a-baby’ at This site is still under construction – you will soon be able to view and order cards online. But the site already has lots of helpful information.