Hope beyond cure.

Dave McDonald had been a pastor for 20 years in Canberra and had helped plenty of Christian face cancer. But just as he was about to move to Darwin to plant a new church he was diagnosed with incurable cancer.

‘I knew people who’d had cancer. I’d visited people at their bedsides and watched them waste away. I’d witnessed the brutality of the treatments. I’d prayed with people and seen some recover, but I’d seen others die. I’d lost friends and relatives to this cruel and indiscriminate disease. I’d conducted funerals and wept with those who mourned. I thought I knew something about cancer, but I couldn’t appreciate the multiple layers of pain and loss it creates until I began to experience these things myself.’

‘Two devastating words left me feeling hopeless and lost. Tumour and incurable.’

He shares his search for hope in Hope Beyond Cure. I’m half way through and its a great read – honest, challenging and heart warming. A great book for any Christian to read. An especially great book for a Christian facing cancer. An especially great book for a Christian facing the reality of death. A great book to give to a non-Christian.

Read the review by Sandy Grant here: https://matthiasmedia.com/briefing/2014/03/reviewing-hope-beyond-cure/