Matthew 28:57-28:15

Reflection & Discussion questions for after the talk


  1. ‘The women went to look at the tomb.’ When have you done this? How did you feel?
  2. ‘… afraid yet filled with joy.’ How would you have reacted to being told these things by an angel?
  3. Why do you think the guards and leaders refuse to see that Jesus is alive? Why do many people today refuse to see?
  4. What is your favourite ‘one person survived’ story? How is Jesus’ resurrection so much better than any ‘one person survived’ story?
  5. The women were told to see and told to tell. Who would you love to tell about this great light?

To hear how this event in Matthew’s gospel shows why we can be confident that Jesus rose from the dead, listen to this excellent talk by Charlie Skene. Click here.

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